2020 - Dutch Flowerbulb (Amaryllis and Hyacinth) for Retail stores 2020
2020 - Dutch Flowerbulb (Amaryllis and Hyacinth) for Retail stores 2020 Due to the Covid19 problems, many small flower shops are closed during the Christmas season. Supermarkets are open and sell a large variety of potted bulbs. The ‘added value’ products are used for home decoration and as gift item. Suppliers of this type of product continue to deliver many new ideas every year.

Flower shops and Street sales example
Family owned shops.Very creative design and promotion ideas. Staff makes arrangements in the shop bycustomer demand. Outside the shop is used to display all items and attract the customers that walk by. Staff has good knowledge about plants and flowers and is able to advise customers.

Supermarket sales example (Dekamarkt)
Supermarket sales have increased again this year. The displays also improved located in important locations, often near cashiers and exit. They sell a balanced mix of gift and home decoration items in all price classes. There are products available for all budgets.


Wholesale market and Auction example
The wholesale companies and auction sell many different products. The wholesale companies focus on sales directly to flower shops. They can offer smaller quantities and a very large assortment. For the flower shop owner it is convenient to refresh the stocks daily with new products at reasonable prices. Buyers can choose from many products and selectitems that are interesting for their shop. Following are all the products offered this year by Wholesale and auctions.

Offered in gift arrangement, or as single bulbs in pots. The simply potted bulbs areused for buyers that wish to make their own arrangements.


Bulb potted
Low price pots. Used for flower shops that make special arrangements in their shop. Or, offered to consumers to make their own holiday decorations at home.


Offered in gift arrangement, or as single bulbs in pots. Gift arrangements are commonly used as gifts for the holiday season.

Amaryllis Waxed / Painted
Offered in many colours and shapes. Trendy designs have attracted a newgeneration of buyers. These bulbs are offered as ‘Easy to Grow’ or ‘No waterflowers’. New are hand painted bulbs of Amaryllis. These bulbs are first covered with wax and then hand painted. The quality of flowering is not always very good ofthis group. Waxed and painted bulbs are difficult to export outside Europe.

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