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Thank you for visiting Thien Dieu Flora ! 

On the 1st of June 2000, we have founded Thien Dieu®. 

The name means ‘Birds of Paradise’, a brilliant tropical flower with long shelf life after cutting, also means a kind of beautiful bird which belongs to the free sky. We have choosen the name Thien Dieu, to present our desire to fly long and far, doing the business over the frontiers. 

Our main business are:

Import Lily, Tulip, Gladiolus Bulbs, Gerbera and Chrysanthemum young plants from Holland to grow in Vietnam.

Import and export cut flowers and potted plants (seasonal). 

Our policy is working for long term, trying to be the most flexible in sales to accompany with each particular client to win each market. 

Wishing you all the best and hope to have a good cooperation with you! 

Thien Dieu Company

Office:             92 Yen Lang - Dong Da - Hanoi - Vietnam

Tel.:                 +84 24 3562 4703

E-mail:            thiendieu.flora@gmail.com

Website:         www.hoathiendieu.com

Thien Dieu company
92 Yen Lang  - Dong Da - Hanoi - Vietnam
Tel.: +84.24.3562 4703

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